Artsmark Celebration Week

Artsmark Celebration Week!

As this week is Artsmark Celebration Week, here is an update of our journey over the last year working towards an Artsmark Award.

We decided to focus on:

  • Providing students with arts and cultural experiences linked to their local community and creative industry
  • Opportunities ownership and leadership roles within the school environment
  • Collaboration between subjects to deliver arts and culture projects across the whole school
  • Develop digital and media arts to stay relevant to future careers

Garden Project

Students discussed their ideas to develop the schools outdoor space during Student Voice meetings. They gathered inspiration by visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Leicester city centre graffiti from ‘Bring The Paint’ festival. They also visited local art studios Two Queens, Leicester Print Studio, Graffwerks and Makers Yard to meet and interview practitioners in the local creative industry. 

Secondary students identified a need for a graffiti wall, shelter and raised beds and designed a layout to co-exist with their new Forest Schools area. During maths lessons the students measured the areas before using art and construction lessons to finalise the designs. Other maths groups put their measuring skills to good use by making bird boxes for the garden. Primary students learnt about the role of landscape architects in their career lessons by working as a team to design and make a model park. 

Students were able to utilise their new graffiti wall to learn spray painting skills from a local graffiti artist resulting in some fantastic, original artwork! Since returning from summer two of our post-16 students have taken on lead roles in continuing the shelter project with plans to pass on their carpentry skills to other students. Primary students will continue to develop their sensory garden during spring and summer term in collaboration with the ALP Eco Schools Committee.

Going To The Theatre

With our plans to visit the theatre this term out the window, we decided to make our own! At the beginning of term secondary and post 16 students visited ALP’s Musical Theatre to watch ‘Our House – A Madness Musical’. Below are photographs taken by a post 16 photography student documenting the build. In music lessons they discovered how the 80s Two-tone movement was influenced by Jamaican Ska.

Although the learners may not be able to provide you with their usual Christmas production in person, they are working hard towards a digital version that utilises their individual skills and interests in acting, singing, set design, music production and film. Watch this space!!

Digital Development

With digital and technology industries growing so are the opportunities for future job roles and creative careers. With this in mind our students now have access to a DSLR camera to learn photography and film skills and the Adobe suite to edit and create digital art and film. Our learners also visited behind the scenes at the BBC to gain insight into how news stories are broadcast. They will further develop film and media skills in the spring term, starting with a ‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making Of Harry Potter’ to gain understanding about special effects such as green screen.

How Is Artsmark Having a Positive Impact?

This is what our staff and students have said so far..

‘It has changed my style of learning to be more creative’

‘It engages learners well and allows them to explore the links between a range of curriculum areas in context and can make the subject content feel more relevant’