Going to the Theatre

Last term all students at ALP had the opportunity to explore ‘Going To The Theatre’ as part of their Artsmark termly project. The aim of the project was for students to understand the variety of roles and skills involved in theatre productions. Unable to see a show or go behind the scenes at an actual theatre, we had to get extra creative!

With the help from some of our secondary students, we transformed our music room into a musical theatre to show a screening of ‘Our House’, with one post-16 student in charge of documenting the process with his photography skills, as shown below.

Secondary students built on one of the themes of Our House in their music lessons by learning about Jamaican Ska’s influence on the british music scene in the 1970s to form Two-tone. In case you missed it, you can learn more about Our House in our previous post. In art, students had a virtual tour of the National Theatre in London to discover job roles from director to scenic artist. In English they explored script writing and poster design for theatre shows. In maths they applied their measuring and scaling knowledge to create two fantastic scale model theatre stages – complete with rainbow curtains and even a miniature orchestra!

Reflecting on their own skills, students had the opportunity to select a role they would like to take part in for our end of term production. Some students took to the limelight and dazzled us with their musical and acting performances. They recreated christmas movie scenes from Home Alone to The Grinch in their music lessons to email out to parents and carers. However not everyone working in a theatre team wants to be a star performer! Many students across the school contributed their art skills by creating physical sets and costumes, drawings to project, photoshop skills to put other student’s drawings together and one secondary student took on the role of videographer to film the primary’s performance. What a talented team!

In addition to the end of term production some secondary students explored designing miniature scenery to illustrate scripts and began to introduce themselves to the art of stop motion animation. Students will have the opportunity to explore stop motion, green screens and audio recording in our next Artsmark project ‘Media Metaphors’ – watch this space!!