At ALP Leicester we believe that every child should have an opportunity to experience success with their education no matter what their background or special needs…

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We recognise that our learners may need additional support before they are ready to fully engage in the curriculum. Therefore, we typically follow a progressive step by step approach as summarised in the mnemonic; ARRRTT


  • Attendance: Focus on improving each learner’s attendance level to ensure they give themselves the basis to achieve.
  • Routine: Tutors help learners to gain a routine that is adapted to pupils individual needs to ensure they feel comfortable in the educational environment.
  • Relationship: Learners are assisted in developing sound relationships with tutors and other service users.
  • Respect: Working with learners and families in a holistic manner to maximize their life-chances and educational potential.
  • Trust: When a pupil feels more secure and understood.
  • Teach: A formal, academic curriculum takes place.


The Communication Commitment


ALP Leicester have begun to assess their current provision around Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) using the Communication Commitment’s review checklist. This not only highlighted areas for development, but also areas in which ALP Leicester were currently working well in terms of SLCN.  In addition, it identified areas already being addressed both in the School Development Plan and as part of the whole school PHSE review.

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